Dear Valued Customers you can enjoy a 10% off with a minimum spend of $30 for self collection and 5% discount off subtotal for a minimum spend of $100.00 via online ordering now! You can order with no minimum amount required for weekdays delivery timing between 2pm to 530pm by calling in our delivery hotline at 6388 8383 now.Thank you! Please note we do not deliver to Jurong Island areas.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is inside Sakae Delivery menu?

You can expect a wide variety of Japanese food including sushi, sashimi, salad, temaki, makimono, ramen, bento sets and Sakae Signature dishes. We also offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic canned drinks and dessert.

Q. How do I make my order?

You can make your orders through our call centre at 6388 8383 or via this delivery website. For this website, you will need to create an account with us using your email before making your orders.

Q. What is the minimum amount for ordering through delivery?

A minimum order of $40 is required for delivery.

Q. What are the delivery charges?

A $4.20 delivery charge before GST and a $2 CDB surcharge is applicable for each delivery. An additional $8 surcharge before GST is applicable for delivery orders to Jurong Island and Sentosa Cove

Q. What are the delivery hours?

Our delivery hotline starts from 10 am to 10 pm but our delivery hours are from 12 pm to 10 pm daily. Our last order for delivery is at 9 pm.

Q. Can I do self-collection for my orders instead?

Yes, a minimum of $20 is required for self-collection. The ordering period is from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 9 pm and self collection period is from 12 pm to 9.45 pm.

Q. I am a SAKAECard member and I didn't receive rebates for my delivery order

Our rebates system does not apply for Sakae Delivery. However, SakaeCard members will still be able to enjoy free delivery for transactions made above $50.

Q. I wish to do an online advance order, how do i choose the delivery date?

You can place your advance orders by choosing the preferred delivery date after selecting your items and clicking the checkout button. Proceed to key in the requested fields and choose your delivery date from the date selector.

Q. I was given some Sakae vouchers recently. Can i use them for delivery or take away?

Presently we do not accept vouchers payment for our delivery or take away.For Sakae voucher usage, kindly refer to the terms and conditions listed on the voucher.

Q. I wish to apply for Sakae membership, how do i go about it?

You may apply for instant Sakae membership at $38 through our delivery hotline at 6388 8383 or alternatively proceed to the next convenient outlet to apply instantly.

Q. What type of payment is accepted for Sakae delivery service?

We accept only Visa, Mastercard or Cash payment via our delivery hotline at 6388 8383. For all our online orders, payment accepted is Visa or Mastercard only.

Q. Is there any credit card promotion for delivery service?

We are presently exploring with banks to have a joint promotion with and will provide the necessary announcement in due time.

Q. I have just updated my Sakae membership but when i proceeded to make the payment, the delivery charge is still there. Why is the delivery charge not waived?

There are 3 possibilities for this to happen.

1. Check if membership is still valid.
2. Check if the nett total amount is above $50 to enjoy delivery waiver for members only.
3. If the nett total amount is above $50 and delivery is still charge, it would be recommended to log out from the ordering page and log in again. It may be due to the online system information updating is delayed.

Q. I am a Sakae member and how can i use my sakae rebates to pay for my delivery orders?

We are unable to process any Sakae card rebates presently and is in the midst of exploring on the option for customers to make rebates redemption with every delivery order online. We will post an update again in the near future.

Q. I have just placed my order online but the delivery date was wrongly selected. What can i do?

Please call our delivery hotline at 6388 8383 or alternatively you may send us an email to to assist you.

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